Travel FAQs

Whether this is your first time travelling abroad or you’re a seasoned traveler there’s almost always going to be a few questions. So where do you look and who do you trust?

Your travel agent is a good starting point or for medical questions try your family doctor or local travel clinic (many public health organisations offer travel advice). After that most governments offer websites with useful travel advice and destination countries often have websites directed at leisure and business visitors.


Trust the guy in the pub, your Aunt Martha’s boyfriend or the work colleague that’s traveled to Cuba every year using only his driving licence. Yes I had a client who was part of a family group travelling to Cuba who refused to get a passport because his buddy said you only need an Ontario drivers licence. Guess who didn’t get on the plane with everyone else.

FAQs and Useful Websites

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA): information on security screening, what’s allowed in carry-on and checked luggage, even an excellent little free app to create your own “travel list”.

Government of Canada Travel and Tourism: as they say “Information to travel safely and enjoy your trip in Canada or abroad”. Everything from passports to country specific information. They even have a page telling you what duty free and other items you can bring back to Canada.