Newsletter FAQs

I don’t see a vacation I want. Do you have any alternatives?

We aim to provide a range of vacation options that will be of interest to as many people as possible. If you don’t see anything that you are interested there will be a whole new list of ideas in our next newsletter.

I’ve found a vacation that I’m interested in but the dates don’t work for me. Can you suggest any alternatives?

We are not a travel agency so do not have the resources to customize or search for alternatives.

I tried to book the vacation I saw in the newsletter but the price is more. Surely this is wrong.

At the time we post the information we believe the prices shown by travel companies are available. However, pricing is fluid within the travel industry and it is impossible to know exactly how many vacations are available at that price. It might be two or twenty. If it’s two and they sell quickly the price will probably change.

Should I buy now or will the price drop?

Lies, damn lies and statistics, then there’s predicting vacation price movements. Our advice is “If you are happy with the price book it quick before it’s gone”. This is particularly true for last minute and specials, they may not be there very long.

We have a group of 10 people wanting to travel together. Can we all get the same price?

Maybe but don’t bank on it if you are trying to book on a website. Typically these are only good for up to 4 people. When it comes to groups contact the supplier or, a better option, find a good travel agent.

Do you have a specific question relating to the newsletter. Please submit your question using the form below. We’ll do our best to provide an answer.

[Important: we are unable to answer specific questions about travel related matters. You should contact the company you booked with or a travel agent]